Curriculum overview

At Brook Academy, we have a vision to advocate for our young people by listening to their voice and designing a programme where young people feel like they can be successful. We are passionate about providing expertise across the SEMH and SEND spectrum so all our pupils are achieving at their level and pace.  Our key focus is to ensure we are addressing all the needs of our young people so they have increased opportunities for personal development.  Brook Academy follows the Preparing for Adulthood curriculum.

We ensure our curriculum follows the statuary requirement of National Curriculum which is holistic. Furthermore, the PRISUM assessment program we use is a skills map that young people need to access their curriculum.

Please look at our curriculum policy, curriculum overview of big ideas as well as all our PRISUM overview.

Differentiated National Curriculum

Adapted National Curriculum

  • Targeted reading and comprehension intervention
  • Targeted life skills and PSHE curriculum
  • GCSE and vocational qualifications
  • Entry level qualifications
  • AQA Courses – short courses (Unit Award Schemes)
  • Independent skills – transport, swimming, cooking
  • Community inclusion – WEX
  • Targeted speech and language therapy
  • Targeting music/art therapy
  • Performance arts. This includes music, art, Thrive
  • EHCP targeted interventions
  • SEMH targeted interventions

Brook Academy Library/Learning Support

Brook Academy Library is open every day with supervision. Students are welcome to borrow books, both at break and lunch times. All students will receive instruction in basic library study skills, and learning support through interventions. Students will be encouraged to become familiar with the library and learning support to enable them to be successful in meeting their need.

Curriculum overview diagram

Alternative learning programmes

Brook Academy does offer some alternative learning programmes. However, it must be stated in the pupil’s EHCP as a target and/or have specific funding allocated to that programme. This is agreed at annual reviews.

We only use local authority approved alternative providers. Please see alternative providers that are GCC approved.

Alternative provision catalogue

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