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Brook Academy provides an ambitious and supportive curriculum for young people across Key Stages 3 and 4, with social, emotional and mental health needs (SEMH) as a primary need. The secondary needs can be linked to autism spectrum condition (ASC), attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and/or speech language and communication needs (SLCN), severe trauma, attachment disorder. Brook Academy offers a broad and balanced curriculum through first-class facilities and resources aimed at ensuring all the students have the opportunity to achieve their full potential and progress against the outcomes in their Education Health Care Plans (EHCPs).

The specialist school provides pathways for learning for the young people, based upon their needs, to help them address any issues, which affect their learning and personal growth.

The curriculum model we follow is Preparing for Adulthood. We focus education/employment, health, community inclusion and independent skills. In addition to providing education, the aim and purpose of the provision is to support pupils to address their emotional, behavioural and physical difficulties, which affect their development, and to help them develop resilience and self-belief. This is driven by our core values of equity, resilience and togetherness.

Our ethos is reflected through the development of strong relationships with pupils, parents, carers, local community and professional agencies to ensure we meet the holistic needs of each young person. In recognising that our young people’s needs do not disappear during school holidays, we offer wrap-around support for all our pupils and their families.

We recognise that many of our young people will have experienced adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) and often early-childhood trauma, as well as negative experiences in their education and schooling before they reach Brook Academy. This provision is based on trauma-informed practise and a strong focus on nurture, including using nurture approach practises throughout the teaching and learning.

We will ensure all students receive a robust and comprehensive transitional programme in moving from the provision back into mainstream provision, including further education college or apprenticeships and the world of work. All students will move on successfully into further learning or work-based courses.

As a school community, we also share a trust-wide core purpose alongside our core values.

Brook Academy vision and values are;

  • Equity to create opportunities to remove disadvantage and promote inclusion for all learners.
  • Resilience to prepare them to succeed as lifelong learners to become responsible citizens.
  • Togetherness in collaborative work to build a united school community serving within and beyond our community.

At Brook Academy, we aim to form trusting respectful and caring relationships to create positive and meaningful attachments that are child-centred. We strive to improve life chances through a holistic approach, valuing the whole child; we will continue to develop our trauma-informed practice so that it is embedded in a nurturing environment to enable the development of the individual, socially, emotionally and academically. We wish for all of our students to be healthy both mentally and physically. We aspire to offer quality provision that enables young people with social, emotional and mental health needs to excel and achieve their potential, providing them with the very best life opportunities.

We are aspirational for our students, families and staff and provide excellence in teaching, learning and academic ambition alongside excellence in intervention, pastoral support, guidance and care.

We aim that all young people will:

  1. Have the opportunity to achieve qualifications that reflect their potential.
  2. To ensure ALL young people’s voice is heard, and they have the correct support to ensure their voice is heard.
  3. Develop a love for learning and want to engage with their learning.
  4. Have opportunities to have work experience and to contribute to the community (school and/or the local).
  5. Learn to take responsibility for their own learning and be successful in further education, training or employment.
  6. To lead Brook Academy with a respect for their environment, those around them and themselves.
  7. For all young people to be active members of their community and positively contribute to both the school and local community.

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